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EKOS, from the ancient Greek meaning "Sound", is not merely a physical phenomenon produced by the vibration of an oscillating body, but an expression of Melody, Harmony, Voice, Song, Physicality, Air, and Sensory Transport.


All too often, the lofty characteristics of a given electronics fail to find emotional resonance through sound reproduction, disappointing our highest expectations. This ailment has inspired the synergistic journey of the EKOS Team, through the know-how acquired in 25 years in the field of Audio Mastering Engineering and the commercialization of Audio products dedicated to musical reproduction, where we have learned to select, filter, and classify sounds through a process of Mathematical Analysis, developing and designing Audio tools respectful of Space, Rhythm, and Time.



During this process, we have used the best Broadcasting technologies, rethought about exaggerating to achieve the maximum possible extension in Audio Bandwidth while respecting a "true-to-source" sound. This is our Mission that has given birth to THE DRIVER and THE FIRST, respectively the Pre Amplifier and Power Amplifier of EKOS.

Equipped with a power of 330W at 8 Ohms, 660W at 4 Ohms, and 1320W at 2 Ohms, our High-Current A/B Class Power Amplifier offers the possibility to effortlessly drive the most challenging acoustic speaker while offering the same elegance and refinement of Sound with highly sensitive loudspeaker systems (High Efficiency).


How? We have managed to create an Amplifier capable of handling infinitesimal signals although hardly measurable (Sound Carpet) and at the same time signals of dynamic amplitude and speed "beyond" the audio band, making the system as conservative as possible in relation to the treatment of harmonics as well as their duration. The result? Timbral coherence, maintenance of harmonics with absolute rigor both through a complex acoustic speaker system and easy handling.

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Having the function of regulating the amplitude of the signal coming from the source, seemingly a very simple task, the Pre Amplifier is in fact the most complex element of the Audio chain, determining the character as well as the sonic structure cascading to the entire system that follows it.


Decades of experience combined with the professional heritage acquired working closely with Sound Engineers as well as using absolute reference Studio Broadcast machines like EMT, STUDER, NAGRA PROFESSIONAL, AMPEX, OTARI, etc., have contributed to the achievement of a unique instrument, obtaining a Pre Amplifier that offers together with the musicality of a valve, all the precision of a solid-state, adding extension, speed and "black background" appreciable only at a live event.

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Being convinced that we have fully achieved our goal, we trust that our passionate professional approach may have stimulated your curiosity here. So, all that remains is for you to... 




Listen to Believe!

The EKOS Team